1) Download ZAP Torrents Plugin. Available for Firefox and Chrome. No Ads, no Spyware and it won´t modify your default browser.

Download Mozilla Firefox Plugin

This is the ZapTorrents' plugin for Mozilla FireFox.


Download Google Chrome Plugin

This is the ZapTorrents' plugin for Google Chrome.


2) Log in

3) Search for Torrent files or Magnet Links. For this, we recommend you It is the website with the larger data base for torrents, but if for some reason you couldn´t find it there, you may check the following sites: ExtraTorrent, FlixFlux, IsoHunt, Torrent Reactor, KickAssTorrents, Monova, Torrentz, TorrentZap, SeedPeer, ShareReactor, Vertor, YourBittorrent, YouTorrent.

4) Once you have done the research, click on the "SE" button, this will arrange it all by Seeders. The one with more seeds will mean higher download speed

5) Get into the Torrent to check its info. There are two download options: Magnet Links and Torrent Files. Note: We strongly recommend download through Magnet Links

6) Click on the Magnet Links icon

7) It will be automatically loaded in the "My Files" section, of ZAP Torrents.

(a) You will have to wait a few minutes till it´s done getting info.

(b) Then the download to our servers will begin.

(c) Once it´s completed, the file has to be compressed

From the moment a file finishes downloading and compressing to our servers, you have 7 days to complete the download to your PC. Then after that time, the file will be deleted.

8) The last step; choose how you wish to download it to your PC: Web Browser or Download Manager

Note: The process is repeated for Torrent files
Note2: You can also upload your Torrent File .