ZAP Torrent do not store any information on our members other than your email address which is used to login. We do not keep a record of what you download or upload.

We will never sell your information to any third-parties. It is strictly on our records for you to recover your login information and for us to contact you when your file is ready. IP addresses are logged for the prevention of abuse, and are deleted weekly from our records.

Please read the FAQ section as well as the Terms of Service in order to avoid any misunderstanding and in order to understand how ZAP Torrents works.


To protect the privacy of our visitors, we do not log IP addresses or hostnames of our visitors. However, we may log some IP addresses for administrational purposes. Please keep in mind that all torrent submissions are anonymous.


ZAP Torrents may write and read so-called cookies to store the preferences, search keywords or login information of users. You can manually delete these cookies, or check the privacy policy of our ad network if you want to opt-out.


ZAP Torrents may update this privacy policy at any time. We will notify you about significant changes of this policy by placing a prominent notice on our site.