Terms and Conditions


ZAP Torrents is an online software that downloads torrent files by user requests. ZAP Torrents is not responsible for torrent availability or the speed or the content. We cannot give a guarantee on the speed of the torrent download, nor if the torrent can be downloaded at all.

We do not moderate or monitor any of the files our users download. We will not be held responsible for any of the content that users download here, so you need to make sure what you are downloading and uploading is legal. We reserve the right to remove any copyrighted material if a complaint is logged against it. These requests are carried out immediately.


When you download your own material, bear in mind that you are solely responsible for these submissions, as they can be used in any manner that other see fit since there is no copyright on them. You give permission when you put up your own user submissions for others to do as they see fit with the media. Be aware that ZAP Torrents does not endorse any of the information you may receive from these files, and that you are downloading them at your own risk.

Sharing your account information (e.g. e-mail, password, direct download link, etc) with anyone else is strictly forbidden. If you’re caught doing so – giving it to a friend, sharing it at a public forum, etc – your account will be permanently banned.